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Monument of Agonothetes in Apollonia

There is 'luxury and inconvenience on the one hand, liberty, hard living and filth on the other'
- Eduard Lear on Albania (1848)

Amphitheater of Butrint
Agora at the ancient city of Butrint

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Before you start exploring our website, we would like to introduce ourselves first. Founded in 2007, by the archaeologist Prof. Dr. Bashkim Lahi, “Cultural Tours Albania”, headquartered in Shkoder, over a decade has made a name for itself as a brand that implies quality and reliability, a landmark for people who want to learn about the culture and traditions of Albanians, culinary, wildlife and scenic landscapes of Albania.

By successfully operating in the medium and high market, we have managed to gain the confidence of an exclusive and elite base of travel agencies from different countries of the world and their customers. Combining the expertise and the wide network, we are able to organize tours with different themes, ranging from art to wild-life, combined with the discreet service and assistance from our guides, as well as the transportation and the accommodation in quality hotels in Albania.

Our collaboration with multilingual specialists in archeology, ethnography, museology, and zoology, who are also actively engaged in scientific research in Albania, has made that every client take on a meaningful and unforgettable experience of Albania. This, through a carefully and professionally planned orchestration of each journey, on our part.

Through these years, as a Tour Operator, we have supplied hundreds of tour packages to our partners and their customers and we have been serving carefully and responsibly to hundreds of customers. To us, every customer is a privilege, that means that we take our responsibilities toward them very seriously.

We are proud that over the years we have been able to offer the tour packages and services that lighten, enjoy and live in the memory of the customers.

If you want to know more about us, you will find more information on our page of top reasons to travel with us.

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The company is headed up by archaeologist, Prof. Dr. Bashkim Lahi. We work with highly qualified specialists in the fields of archaeology, ethnography, museology and zoology, all of whom are are actively engaged in scientific research in Albania . Our experts are multilingual and we can offer tours in English, German, French and Italian.