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Our programmes include:

Prehistoric and historical heritage tour

Programmes can be adapted to specific interests and be of various durations: week-long, ten-day and two week programmes are all possible.Week-long programmes mainly focus on the Albanian coast; ten-day programmes usually include the coast and southern areas of Albania whilst a two week programme allows for visits throughout the country. We can arrange tours focussing on specific periods such as prehistory, antiquity or the Middle Ages, or particular thematic routes; for example, the birth and development of Christianity which includes visits to a wealth of monuments from antiquity to the late Middle Ages, wonderful Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and monasteries , splendid wall paintings, religious icons, etc.

Tours with an ethnographic character, based on indigenous settlements and lifestyle

These tours last a week to 10 days and focus mainly on northern Albania and eastern and southeastern Europe where ethnographic tradition is better preserved.

Nature and Wildlife

An opportunity to get acquainted with our rich variety of animal and bird species such as the Dalmatian Pelican, a well known resident of the Karavasta area. These tours last for a week to ten days and can take place in different parts of Albania, according to the interest of your group.

Planning a tour itinerary

Upon receipt of your tour requirements, we will prepare your program which you will receive by email within seven days. Once our tour quotation has been accepted, we will work with you in order to successfully deliver your selected programme. To ensure the best arrangements, we suggest you get in contact with us at least six to twelve months prior to your scheduled tour date.